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Brand Me : Me as a Brand -  now you can establish your own Virtual Brand with our Branded Virtual Goods World platform.

Virtual Me Online Interactive - Creators of The Virtual Me Brand - We can show you how to Brand Yourself - Make your own avatar creators, and take complete control of your online presence. We offer representation, promotion, and advertising services, for  all aspects of your  unique online identity.

Virtual Media Online - The future of social media - Our own established online web and games portals now receiving over 10 million visitors in US,  Europe, and globally. Creators of the Virtual Me games, toys, and apps for kids.

Virtual World Marketing - Our digital marketing agency uses top internet marketing strategies  for your social media -and marketing campaigns in online worlds and enviroments - cutting edge virtual reality marketing services and 3d software.

Virtual Mall World  - 3d Virtual Art Gallery and VR Museum, promoting the work of new digital artists around the world. Limited edition digital art, engraved laser crystal portraits, holograms, personal and corporate 3-dimensional gifts. Part of the new global industry and market place, for selling , buying, and collecting unique digital goods, gifts, and art.

Viral Marketing,  How to utilise viral media to it's fullest advantage - Viral film, movies, games, web apps, video marketing, memes, and  ad campaigns. Integrated viral marketing and advertising strategies - the best creative online viral marketing ideas,  to harness the viral buzz advertising culture - the power of interent memes - creating your internet memes.

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